Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Como Me Encanta

I do not intend for this to be a food-centric blog, but food is something we all need, so it can also be the great denominator.

Hopefully, for your own sake, you read the earlier post, “Where I Eat”, a veritable gold mine in local dining awesome spots.

In “Where I Eat”, I praised Los Molcajetes for being thee most amazing mexican fare you are going to find ANYWHERE. This is true, we do love us some Molcajetes.

Yet, there is and almost always has been something lacking from Las Vegas Mexican food/restaurants- DELIVERY.

I have no doubt that you, reading this right now, have a list or even a drawer full of delivery restaurants in your kitchen (or similar) at home. You have your favorite pizza place and thai restaurants, maybe chicken wings, traditional Americana, etc.,

But WHERE are the Mexican delivery restaurants?

12 or so years ago, I would get delivery from a little place called La Familia ( located at Jones/US 95), which later became Mi Familia and later still became a vacancy.

That place was amazingly authentic, including “weekend cures” of menudo, pozole, barbacoa and the like. Mmm mmm… nothing like getting a piping hot pozole delivered to your door on Sunday morning.

Neither here nor there.

Ten years have gone by, but now, finally….

We have discovered an all out fantastic Mexican restaurant THAT DELIVERS!!!

To be certain, we have ordered from them 4 times in the past week, trying different menu items and here I sit today overjoyed to share the good news- LOS HUICHOLES.

I queue up mariachi music while we devour our tacos and burritos, chips and salsas, as to enhance the experience.

The food is incredibly authentic AND affordable. AFFORDABLE TOO???


$0.99 mini tacos (buy half a dozen or more at least)
$3.99 breakfast burritos
$4.99 burritos (choice of several meats)
All kinds of Mexican family specialties, a full veggie menu and full American menu (with burgers, fries, cheese steaks, wings, that kind of thing) to boot.

As with most all delivery restaurants, you are going to be limited to your radius (aka distance from the restaurant).

Los Huicholes is located at 546 N Eastern Ave, and their delivery area is roughly 3 miles. Great news for downtown Las Vegas (as we get delivered to all the way over at I-15/Oakey Ave).

It gets better.

No habla espanol? No problemo.

We discovered this beautiful treasure of a restaurant while perusing, a website dedicated to getting you whatever type of grub you like delivered to your door.

Browse the full menu and complete your order, even pay using paypal, google wallet or credit card online. No miscommunication due to verbal translation errors.

It does tend to take about 75 minutes for delivery.

The extra 30-45 minutes to wait for food from Los Huicholes (opposed to other delivery restaurants) is like a meditation, preparing oneself for the glory one is about to recieve. It makes the food taste that much better.

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