Friday, August 22, 2014

Birthday FUN-raiser

Dear Friends,
If every person who claims to know and like me were to contribute 1 or 2 dollars to my birthday FUN-raising campaign, I could have the happiest birthday EVER.

If you know me, you are likely aware that I do not have any parents or grandparents left in this world- the people most likely to spoil you or possibly do something unexpected for you on your birthday.

This year, now in my 37th rotation, I have finally taken it upon myself to give myself an awesome birthday present. Hillary and I are going to Austin, TX for the weekend!

We have some great friends, that we dearly miss, that we will be visiting and staying with for a long overdue reconnect.

The trip is booked. We are going. Hillary’s first time, my second, visiting the Texas capital that is legendary for it’s music scene but far more importantly it’s CULINARY SCENE.

We want to go completely travel channel in this town and EAT everything that looks remotely interesting. (Is that bad?)

Being that we will be gone all weekend long and unable to hoist a glass together (like we would if we stayed home), how about throwing in a dollar or two to our cause?

While you’re at it, we would love your advice on Austin’s can’t miss eating and drinking establishments.

In return for your buying me a taco and a beer on my birthday, I will report back to you, in hilariously entertaining detail, the adventures that we get ourselves into, here in this blog, Nevadan Earthling,

Like I said before, If every person who claims to know and like me were to contribute 1 or 2 dollars to my birthday FUN-raising campaign, I could have the happiest birthday EVER.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

a little monsoony feeling

Dear Friends,
Book your next appointment today at Hillary Salon , your friendly neighborhood hair salon.

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Living in Las Vegas can be de-sensitizing at times- don’t you think?

Everyday there’s another opening, another appearance, another performance, another can’t miss opportunity, another tragedy, another miracle and another reason to stay home.

At times, there are so many things to do, that it is just as satisfying to do none of them.

I am guilty of it. I admit it.

But I do try. I want to make it to your events (usually).

The entertainment capital can often shout so loud that it drowns out the humble requests.

So I ask you to please take note of this pleasant addition to our cultural landscape.


Clearly, most of you who read this newsletter are in-the-know persons and know that Todd and Bryan need no introduction to this neighborhood/arts community.

For the uninitiated, please visit:
to be brought up to speed.

Todd Von Bastiaans and Bryan McCormick have arranged to bring a play from Chicago
to our modest Art Square Theatre. (Theater at Art Square, 1025 S 1st St).
They are bringing the entire cast, crew and even the playwright for a two week engagement.

In their own words,

“It’s our gift to everyone living here. We need more quality experiences for people.”

We, that is both They and Us, hope you can attend this very worthy affair.

Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England
An amazing play/production straight from Chicago's Wit Theatre.
11 performances including matinees and evenings at the Art Square Theatre.
August 13th-the 24th

tickets and more info avaialble at:
Are we feeling parched?

18b the Las Vegas Arts District is getting antsy awaiting the arrival two new watering holes and the long pined after coffee joint.

Who will get here first?
Will it be Hop Nuts Brewing?
The first free-standing brewpub to open in our neighborhood?
Will it be Hawthorne?
The next in a series of urban lounges which dot our landscape.

Next door, and intriguingly connected to Hop Nuts Brewing is the arts district promised land,
Makers and Finders urban coffee bar.

Nearly everyday we walk by these establishments, taking in the little advancements.
Hawthorne has dramatically improved the exterior appearance of their facility,
added on additional square footage and are steady at work creating an inviting courtyard experience.

Hop Nuts and Makers have really had their work cut out for them
transforming this hallow carcass of an old furniture store into
a more forward thinking paradigm.
They have installed new storefronts inside their building
and removed the original front walls, to create a covered patio,
recessed from the sidewalk.

Do not be surprised if you see this trend popping up around the valley.

As most of us desert-dwellers recognize, our weather is almost always pleasant
if you can stay out of the direct sunlight.

And Guess Who?

It’s only taken 3-½ years, but our former location,
1104 S 3rd St, has finally found a tenant (that looks like they might be a good fit).

Hopefully, Vintage NV is now enjoying (and appreciating) the floor length mirrors,
David Aaron Craig mural , Joel Spencer designs and
my very own faux rock painting that we left behind.
I still admire seeing the brilliant orange and purple hues
popping out of that corner from a distance.

I wonder if they pronounce it “vintage Nevada” or “vintage envy”?
Tell me what you think.
Book your next appointment today at Hillary Salon

Call (702) 525 1053
Michael (+Hillary)

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Dan P. Rocksteady BBQ!

Dear Friends,
You are invited to a very special affair that we are hosting at Plainview Inn.

It's the Dan P. Rocksteady BBQ!
Exemplary front man, singer/guitarist of ska punk outfit MU330, Dan Potthast has been entertaining audiences around the world for more than 20 years.

Who is "MU330"?

I have tried to extract the meaning of the band's name from Dan and he just won't spill a drop. It's up for interpretation. I tend to believe it is related to their seating section in high school band (or something similar).

Dan P went on to put out several solo records, which he also toured extensively around the globe. watch this short video

After Dan circumvented the Earth, he decided to leave St Louis for Santa Cruz, California where he can be comfortably surrounded by the weird and nonconformist.

In Santa Cruz, Dan picks up with groups like The Stitch-Up and Dan P and The Bricks.

And now, in his 26th year of being a globetrotting ska phenomena, Dan P has spent this entire Summer travelling the United States, performing in LIVING ROOMS, backyards, bbq's and pool parties.

Join Us!

6 PM
Thursday August 7, 2014
Plainview Inn
26 w Utah ave

Dan P's Rocksteady BBQ

brought to you by Nevadan Earthling and Hillary Salon

Pot Luck style BBQ

Bring your favorite dish and/or beverage, $5 donation appreciated.

(702) 525 1053


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Plea For Sanity

Ladies and Gentleman, a plea for sanity.

Do we truly believe that these people came to Las Vegas for $0.99 Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Las Vegas City Council wants to “clean up” Fremont Street by restricting, rather specific, alcohol retailers.

At the behest of major gaming concerns, off-sale liquor retailers have been targeted as bringing an unsavory element to Fremont Street.

Many people who frequent Fremont Street choose to purchase their intoxicants from a liquor store rather than inside of a casino, presumably for the savings.

While persons of all income brackets enjoy paying a fair price for consumable goods, those who remain idle in the lowest socio-economic class have no other option than to seek the cheapest retailers.

Council members and controlling interested parties believe that stemming the proliferation of these markets will lead to a reduction in the unsavory element who currently frequent the area.

Meanwhile, the casinos who dominate the region are in the business of creating this epidemic.

A casino’s livelihood relies on it’s ability to completely bankrupt an individual and subsequently kick them out onto the street.

Can we really be so blind?

Can we continue to allow gaming moguls to capitalize on our community’s most vulnerable, reap vast profits, leaving broken individuals in their wake and not hold them accountable?


Casinos themselves should have outreach services, including mental health professionals on their staffs to combat the problem which they create.

If, in fact, the culture of gaming is safe and suitable for 90% or more of the general population and the only a small percentage of those who gamble will become afflicted, then all the more reason for these companies to be required to fund these services.

It is absolutely horrifying, that we as a community allow these giants to flourish, and when it comes time to deal with the carnage that they create, we place the blame on the symptom and not the cause.

These people did not come here for $0.99 Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Furthermore, we have a round table of politicians openly embracing these class war policies.

Consuming alcohol publicly is only legal if one looks good while doing so (and can afford the right drinks).

And now they want to create more indistinguishable laws to incarcerate those who do not fit the profile of who we/they want around in these parts.

It is (sadly, very predictable) madness.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What is a Haint?

Dear Friends,
You can now pick up a copy of my new book
when you book your next appointment at Hillary Salon.
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A little more than 10 years ago, like Las Vegans often do, my friend Joe was moving back to Las Vegas after a spell in Washington state. Upon his return, he brought with him many tales from life in the North along with keepsakes and treasures from his journey. Among those treasures was a compact disc with multiple artist’s music burned into it.

Joe was eager and pleased to share his newfound love, The Pine Hill Haints.

The Pine Hill Haints had recently performed in Seattle for a room containing many of our friends and had won their praise, mightily.

Naturally aiming to please, I decided I would bring Pine Hill Haints to Las Vegas.

Except it was not that easy.

In the past, I would search online for a favorite band, eventually find a contact email for the band or their record label and then send them an invitation to perform here.

Pretty simple.

However, these fellas who play washtubs, washboards and saws (along with the more traditional guitar, violin, drum and mandolin) come from the rural South and their online presence is virtually non-existent.

One would think that with the rise of Myspace (at the time) there would be SOMEthing out there but there was not.
I persist with very little encouraging results. Eventually, I find a DIY, online magazine that has a review of one of their shows. A funny story actually, ask me about it later, it’s creepy.

At the very end of the article, there was a blurb, “to contact Pine Hill Haints email:"
That’s strange, but it’s all I got. I sit down and write an email asking if they have ever played in Las Vegas, if they would like to, and if so I will take care of them.

Nothing happens.

It may have been a week, it may have been six months. I am not sure.
Then one sunny day on our way to the Meadows Mall, my phone rings, I answer and a Southern drawl on the other end asks, “Is this Michael Welsh?”

I confirm and he replies, “Hi, this Jamie from the Pine Hill Haints.”
Well, what do you know? This Southern gent still uses the telephone.

I cannot express to you just how eager and excited I became after that phone call.

He gave me the date of August 11th, but (like I always do) I insisted that they play two nights; the obligatory bar show and an all ages show. This is Las Vegas. Our scene is weird, just trust me on this.

And this is how a beautiful friendship was born.

Our scene being what it is, the all ages show fell through and we did a last minute house party in my living room, but the next night (August 11th, 2004) Pine Hill Haints performed inside the Cooler Lounge with Skorchamenza, Over The Line and a short-lived project called LARK.

Ask (current local band) The People’s Whiskey about LARK.

Every year since then, at some random time that I cannot predict, I receive that phone call and every year I attempt to outdo myself in putting on their show, as well as showcase my town for my out-of-town friends in pleasing and interesting new ways.

I may be the only person who cares about this, but the fact is that touring bands, whether DIY or major label, experience a rather predictable routine of sleeping, traveling and performing in venues that are equally predictable.

That’s why I like to shake things up. I have never hosted Pine Hill Haints in the same venue twice. We went from Cooler Lounge to Celebrity Theater to Art Bar, The Deep End, The Aristocrat, house and pool parties to our first hair salon (1104 S 3rd St) and on and on.

You can trust that this show is going to happen, but I am trying something new (yet) again, by not announcing the venue immediately. I can tell you that the forthcoming performance will be somewhere in or near downtown Las Vegas (where we live and play). That is a fairly safe bet.

The truth of the matter is that the venue may change based on public demand.

We have a lot of options and this is one area of expertise where I enjoy getting creative.

Now in their 10th year returning to Las Vegas, I present for your entertainment and delight,

JULY 28, 2014
with special guests Bombón (San Pedro, CA)
If you want to be a part of this year’s magic

Go to:

and purchase your admission using the PayPal button on the page. $11 in advance (using PayPal)

$15 at the door, day of show

You can also pay in cash when you
Yours, Michael(+Hillary)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pre-sale "Tickets" Now Available.
JULY 28, 2014
special guests BOMBON
Purchase your admission via PayPal.
When you complete your purchase, your name will be added to the guest list for the event.
further show information, i.e., Venue, Supporting acts, time, etc., will be sent to you via email.
$11 in advance, $15 day of show

Complete your order today and request a song from the band!

This will be the 10th year that Pine Hill Haints have returned to our dusty, western town.

Let us show them the best time that they have ever had, this year.

The Pine Hill Haints "They Tried To Kill My Momma's Son"