Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vegas Valley Book Festival

Dear Friends,
It’s almost Saturday already. Are you ready?

As if the weather has not been picturesque enough these last few days,, the weather wizards are predicting an even milder afternoon with partly sunny skies (high of 82 degrees Fahrenheit).

I can hardly imagine greater weather for the 13th annual Vegas Valley Book Festival, October 16-18, 2014, Historic Fifth Street School, 401 S Fourth St.

The festival events take place at a number of locations, check the event schedule for full details.

I, however, will be sitting at table #9 in the poetry courtyard, Saturday October 18th, 2-4 pm.
Do come say “Hi!”
Speaking of my book.

Have you bought my book lately?

I just learned that You can order hardcover versions of the book, either with a dust jacket or image wrap. Yours would be very rare, as I only ever printed softcover books.
The hardcover books do cost substantially more than the softcovers, but I suppose they last longer and are “nicer”. I don’t know. If you’re interested in getting the only hardcover copies of my book (for your collection).
Order here.

Have you heard the buzz?
National resale retailer Buffalo Exchange has opened on Main Street, right here in our very own 18b Las Vegas Arts District. In case you were unaware, Buffalo Exchange buys and sells clothing, so you do not necessarily need to be in the chips to go shopping. Just dig out your old threads that don’t fit or just don’t fit your style anymore and you bring them in for cash or store credit. Be aware, however, that they only buy what they think they can sell, so their buyer may turn down your wares based on their own judgment or opinion. It would be in your best interest to stack the deck, that is, bring in more than you want to get rid of.

Presto. You have a shopping tab.

As their neon in the window proudly states: “FRESH CLOTHES DAILY”

BOOK your next appointment TODAY at Hillary Salon. (702) 525 1053.
Not an appointment for today, mind you. An appointment for next week or the week after. We do appreciate when you give us at least day in advance heads up.


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