Thursday, March 13, 2014

the Main thang

Main Street Las Vegas will soon be home to TWO breweries. The first of which is the Triple 7 Brewpub at Main Street Station hotel/casino. The second is a labor of love right here in 18b the Las Vegas Arts District. HOP NUTS COMING SOON We have seen bits of work going on at this address-less building just South of Charleston on Main street for many months. We have seen the special use permit for "Hop Nuts Brewing" pass through the City's planning process. But now, we finally have NEW PAINT on the sign! I have waited many moons to make any mention of this possible pipe-dream coming true in our neighborhood. I hate to get anyone's hopes up, especially my own, for no reason. Clearly, there is still A LOT of work ahead of them, but it's nice to see that progress is happening. According to Hop Nuts letter of intent, they intend to be open 24 hours a day, host live music every night and educate the public about the brewing process. That is a very tall order and i don't know anyone here who will hold them to that claim, but here's to dreamers dreaming BIG DREAMS. CHEERS HOP NUTS! Best of luck in your pursuit.

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