Tuesday, August 12, 2014

a little monsoony feeling

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Living in Las Vegas can be de-sensitizing at times- don’t you think?

Everyday there’s another opening, another appearance, another performance, another can’t miss opportunity, another tragedy, another miracle and another reason to stay home.

At times, there are so many things to do, that it is just as satisfying to do none of them.

I am guilty of it. I admit it.

But I do try. I want to make it to your events (usually).

The entertainment capital can often shout so loud that it drowns out the humble requests.

So I ask you to please take note of this pleasant addition to our cultural landscape.


Clearly, most of you who read this newsletter are in-the-know persons and know that Todd and Bryan need no introduction to this neighborhood/arts community.

For the uninitiated, please visit: http://toddandbryan.com/about-us/
to be brought up to speed.

Todd Von Bastiaans and Bryan McCormick have arranged to bring a play from Chicago
to our modest Art Square Theatre. (Theater at Art Square, 1025 S 1st St).
They are bringing the entire cast, crew and even the playwright for a two week engagement.

In their own words,

“It’s our gift to everyone living here. We need more quality experiences for people.”

We, that is both They and Us, hope you can attend this very worthy affair.

Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England
An amazing play/production straight from Chicago's Wit Theatre.
11 performances including matinees and evenings at the Art Square Theatre.
August 13th-the 24th

tickets and more info avaialble at: toddandbryan.com
Are we feeling parched?

18b the Las Vegas Arts District is getting antsy awaiting the arrival two new watering holes and the long pined after coffee joint.

Who will get here first?
Will it be Hop Nuts Brewing?
The first free-standing brewpub to open in our neighborhood?
Will it be Hawthorne?
The next in a series of urban lounges which dot our landscape.



Next door, and intriguingly connected to Hop Nuts Brewing is the arts district promised land,
Makers and Finders urban coffee bar.




Nearly everyday we walk by these establishments, taking in the little advancements.
Hawthorne has dramatically improved the exterior appearance of their facility,
added on additional square footage and are steady at work creating an inviting courtyard experience.

Hop Nuts and Makers have really had their work cut out for them
transforming this hallow carcass of an old furniture store into
a more forward thinking paradigm.
They have installed new storefronts inside their building
and removed the original front walls, to create a covered patio,
recessed from the sidewalk.

Do not be surprised if you see this trend popping up around the valley.

As most of us desert-dwellers recognize, our weather is almost always pleasant
if you can stay out of the direct sunlight.

And Guess Who?

It’s only taken 3-½ years, but our former location,
1104 S 3rd St, has finally found a tenant (that looks like they might be a good fit).

Hopefully, Vintage NV is now enjoying (and appreciating) the floor length mirrors,
David Aaron Craig mural , Joel Spencer designs and
my very own faux rock painting that we left behind.
I still admire seeing the brilliant orange and purple hues
popping out of that corner from a distance.

I wonder if they pronounce it “vintage Nevada” or “vintage envy”?
Tell me what you think.
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Michael (+Hillary)

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